Easy to follow, high quality hamster care guides.

Hamster Cages Depot
We bring you hamster cages, toys, treats balls and bedding.

How to Take Care of a Hamster
Learn how to take care of a hamster, cage accessories, treat illness and more in this complete pet hamster care guide; great for beginner and novice pet owners.

Hamster Paradise Forum
So cute and so friendly, join today! We have advice, games, videos, chat, a gallery and lots of fun!

Hamster Land
Provides information on caring and feeding hamsters, breeding, and how to treat hamster illnesses. This site also has hamster photos, a forum where you may ask and get answers to your questions, and more.

Care of Pet Hamsters
Information on caring for your pet hamster from About.com.

Hamsterific.com has lots of great information on hamsters. There are sections on many different hamster breeds, a hamster forum, hamster links, and information on hamster care, feeding and nutrition, and health.

Hamster Club
The Hamster Club has information about many different hamster species, info about buying hamsters, their ideal housing, feeding, behavior, breeding, health, videos, and photos.

Hamster Paradise Topsites
Visit other hamster sites or add your own for free!

Hamster Fanciers
Hamsters are adorable pets for children and adults alike. Our free, online hamster guide offers first hand tips on caring for your pet, as well as, fun activities just for you!

Hamster Diseases
Information on diseases in hamsters from the MU College of Veterinary Medicine. Shows photos of microscopic slides of various hamster diseases as well as graphic "hamster autopsies" showing the internal pathology caused by the diseases.

Animal Hospitals USA Hamsters
This site offers animal health and care information for hamsters and other pets. Includes hamster diseases symptoms and treatment infomation covering common types of small pet diseases.

Pet Hamster Care
Pet hamster care, information, facts & pictures.

Great Guide to Hamster Health
Great guide to hamster health.

Hamster Care
A one-stop source for your pet hamster care information.

Midland Hamster Club UK
An organization with monthly hamster shows for both Syrian and Dwarf hamsters which are held in and around the Midlands in the UK. Their site has hamster care information, photos of different hamster types, and information on each type of hamster.

Northern Hamster Club
The Northern Hamster Club is interested in promoting the welfare and responsible breeding of all species of hamsters in the North of England. This site has lots of info on the different types of hamsters and their care.