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Betta Fish Center
Betta Fish Center is an educational betta fish care resource for betta owners looking for information on how to keep their fish happy and healthy. The site includes free articles, videos, user-submitted gallery images and a betta forum where members can interact and ask questions.

Aqua"escaping" is a website that supplies the aquarium hobbyist with knowledge and products to: start an aquarium (specifically freshwater) from scratch, build upon an existing aquarium, or further their own expertise and possibly share their insight about the hobby of aquascaping and aquarium keeping in general.

Aqualist Topsites
Listing the best aquatic sites in the hobby

Goldfish Care
Knowing how to properly care for your goldfish is important if you want to have your goldie for a long time. Here is all the info you need.

Aquarium LED Lighting Products
Manufacturer of aquarium led lighting products, such as t5 aquarium led light, t8 led aquarium light, and led moonlight.

Direct Tropical Fish
Aquatic Web site for the fish keeping community. We offer forums, clubs to advertise free of charge, as well as sell quality products at discounted prices.

Aquarium Plants
Aquarium plants and pond plants store

Blog About Aquarium Fish and Plants
Blog about aquarium plants, pond plants and aquarium fish, especially goldfish.
Learn everything you need to know to set up your first freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

ARstone produces high quality 3D aquarium backgrounds, rocks, and terrarium decorations. You can also find nicely decorated aquarium photos with our products.

AquaBella For Fresh and Saltwater Tanks
AquaBella Bio-Enzyme Water Treatment is an all-in-one bacterial solution perfectly suited for cycling. Eliminates ammonia, nitrites and nitrates naturally. No water change for 1 year, guarantee. Provides crystal clear water.

Tropical Fish Online Blog
Tropical fish online blog is dedicated to giving you all the information you need to have a beautiful freshwater or marine (saltwater) tropical fish tank if you are a complete beginner or an expert aquarium keeper. You will know all about breeding, keeping, selecting compatible kinds, plants and other tropical species.

Pet Fish Directory
An aquarium website directory of the best aquarium and tropical fish sites.

Southern Oak Aquatics
Retailer and wholesaler of aquarium supplies. Specializing in freshwater dwarf shrimp and planted tanks. Featuring BorneoWild, EbiKen Studio, Gush Aqua, Mosura, and Dainichi products.

Greenleaf Aquatics
Aquarium fish exporter from Sri Lanka.

Sagar Aquarium Tanks
Sagar Fish aquarium specialize in developing designers aquaria as per the demand and requirement of our clients and believe in developing a biologically balanced aquatic ecosystem and not simply a glass tank to house your fish.
Fish keeping tips and important advice all beginners need to know!

Aquaria Hobbyist is the home for best reviews of aquarium equipments. In this site, one will learn all factors to consider when buying an aquarium. Different fish to keep are also discussed in lengthy like the cold water fish, warm-blooded and freshwater fish. Different aquariums too have been reviewed according to their capacity.So much advice is also given on other accessories of keeping aquarium like siphon which is used for cleaning the tank etc. I am an aquarium hobbyist and the site includes some of my experiences too. There are also reviews for best fish food and aquarium filters and so much info on water chemistry.

Aquarium Plumbing Products
All of our aquarium and pond plumbing is fish and invert safe and can be used in fresh or salt water systems.

LED for planted aquarium
Aquarium LED lighting guide - best LED lights for planted tanks and the guide for choosing. - All About Aquariums
All about aquariums, filters, heaters and freshwater fish

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