Arachnids: Spiders & Scorpions

Spiderz Rule
An excellent spider site that has spider facts and information, photos, information on spider bite treatment, spider superstitions, posters, art, and more.

Scorpus Park
Number 1 site of the maintenance of scorpions, tarantulas, and mantis, the most represented in pet shops, with videos, and one hundred photographs.

Tarantulas @ Keeping Exotic Pets
Dozens of articles and care guides on keeping a wide range of tarantulas as pets.

Spider Myths
The site discusses the myths, misconceptions, and superstitions about spiders and attempts to debunk them.

American Tarantula & Animals
Helping You Find What American Animals Like To Eat Most!
Find tarantula care information, tarantulas for sale, and a photo gallery with information on different tarantula species.

Pet Tarantulas
This is a website entirely dedicated to explaining expert pet tarantula care, feeding, handling, the most docile species, the biggest species, where they're found, and so much more!