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An informational cat site where you'll find info about cat health, stray and feral cats, cat behavior, and more.

Bengal Cats and Kittens
Registered breeder of brown rosetted Bengal cats. Located in South East Queensland, Australia. Kittens available to select homes.

Kitty Insight
Understand your cat better and have a closer bond. We bring you the knowledge to make that easier...

Miaustore Cat Water Fountains
Help your cat get the hydration it needs thanks to our amazing and unique cat water fountain.

RagaMuffin Cat World
Get adorable Purebred RagaMuffin kittens for adoption available and registered with ACFA & CFA. Contact us - & Call - 865-250-8005! Located in Louisville, Tennessee, just minutes from the Knoxville Airport!

Cat Overdose
Find information about cat breeds, cat food, grooming and cat, and behaviour.

Maine Coon Kittens for Sale by OptiCoons
Florida Maine Coons byOptiCoons is a leading Breeder of "Optimum" Maine Coon Kittens, we are a TICA registered breeder of healthy, adorable and affordable Maine Coon kittens in Florida.

Angela's Automatic Litter Box Review Blog
If you are a cat owner looking for more information about cat automatic products like self cleaning litter boxes, automatic pet feeders, animal water fountains and so much more.

Tuxedo Cat
Learn all you want to know about your black and white Tuxedo Cat.

Bayside Cat Resort
The leading cattery in Melbourne, Bayside Cat Resort offers the highest quality in pet accommodation with luxury suites for each animal, and an array of gourmet food, fun toys and plenty of affection from the friendly staff.

The Scaredy Cat
The Scaredy Cat provides essential cat repellent and cat deterrent advice for home owners and those who like to keep their garden free of cat mess.
We're all about the cats - A cat friendly community.

Cat Repellent Guide
Cat Repellent Reviews helping you stop cats from invading your property, and restrict your pet cat's movement inside your home.

Cats Away
Cat repellent advice for gardeners wanting to deter cats from their yards.

Cats Directory
A human edited Web directory for quality cat sites.

Cat Health 101
A website filled with information, tips and advice on different aspects of your cat's health, helping your cat live a healthy life.

Soulmate Ragdolls
We offer ragdoll kittens that will follow you, sleep with you, and greet you at the door. All kittens are well socialized and loved by our family. Great with kids and other pets. Championship bloodlines and health guaranteed.

A Family Of Felines
Introduction to all 12 of my cats and their personalities. A site in the making, helpful tips and tricks for those who have multiple cats.

KaristaKats Himalayans
KaristaKats is a small NJ breeder of Himalayan kittens since 2000. We are a CFA Cattery of Excellence. Kittens are raised in a cagefree, smokefree spacious home environment with plenty of care and attention. We are veterinarian inspected annually and approved.

Cat Lovers Only
Cat lovers discuss problems, share photos, tell stories, and get advice on feline health and care.
Ask questions and get answers about cats, cat adoption, cat care, cat health and cat behavior.

The Cat Site
Information on cat health, behavior, cat breeds, cat care, and an active forum.

Cat of the Day
Every day Cat of the Day features a new cat story and photo. You can nominate your own pet as cat of the day and this site also has pet polls and a pet forum.

Habitat Haven - Outdoor Cat Enclosures
Manufactures outdoor cat enclosures, window cat enclosures, cat play pens & catteries. Also provides outside cat enclosures for shelters, apartments, and condos. More secure than outdoor cat cages & cat runs. Located in Canada.

Quality Cat Care
Tips and advice on cat nutrition, flea control, grooming, nail care, separation anxiety, and traveling with your cat. There are step by step instructions in cat care for beginner cat owners.

Sphynx Cats
Sphynx cat online resource for hairless cat or Sphynx kitten information.

Katz Meow Cattery
Michigan breeder of purebred old-fashioned siamese kittens, registered with ACA & TCA. We are motivated by the love of this breed and wish to help preserve them by raising healthy, loving, people-oriented cats. Please see my website for price and current litters.

Bengal Kittens for Sale - Nevaeh Bengals
Nevaeh Bengals are 3 generations of hobby breeders, breeding high quality Bengal cats in the South of England. Our Bengal kittens are bred from stunning brown spotted Bengal cats with glitter and rosettes.

Cat Doctor Portland
Cat Care Professionals is a leading, exclusive cat care clinic based at Lake Oswego, Oregon. It offers affordable, tailor-made veterinary services that best suit the unique needs of each pet in a comfortable & stress-free setting.

Alley Cat Allies
Alley Cat Allies is a nonprofit organization that provides information on feral and stray cats. For more than a decade Alley Cat Allies has advocated Trap-Neuter-Return - the most humane and effective method to reduce feral cat populations.

Blog About Cat
We are selling e-books, books, cat furniture, cat food, and a lot of thing about cats.

All About Siamese Cats
Find out everything there is to know about Siamese cats, including history, fun facts, training, behavioral traits and more.

Petcha's Cat Breeds
Petcha's Cat Breeds section is a comprehensive list of cat breed profiles.

Cattery FIALKA
Siberian monobreed collective cattery FIALKA (Russia, Saint-Petersburg). Breeding lines from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Far East, Voronezh - coming from the very 1st champions of the breed. We breed rare colours: silver & blue, cream & red, mostly with classic markings; smoke.

Burton's Persians and Himalayans
"Raised in our hearts"....."Kittens with purr-sonality!" Burton's Persians is a small cattery located in the Texas Hill Country. We raise Persians and Himalayans. Kittens are CFA and TICA registered. We strive to raise healthy, loving kittens that uphold the breed's standards. Our kittens are bred from titled show pedigrees.

Cat Urine Odor Remover
Cat urine odor remover.

Cat Food Reviews
Cat Food Insider is dedicated to one thing and that's cat food reviews. We love reviewing cat food and we dig deep to give you the inside scoop you need to know.

Tortoiseshell Cats and Kittens
Essential information and everything that you need to know about tortoiseshell cats and kittens.

Long Term Cat Boarding
We can Take Care of your Cat! We provide services for cat boarding, cat grooming, and cat sitting in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.

Silver N Gold Persians
Silver N Gold Persians and Glamour Cats ---- Call us at 817-266-1088. Producing exquisite cats for those with exquisite tastes!

Romeo the Silver Cat
The virtual diary of Romeo, a chinchilla Persian cat | Il diario virtuale di Romeo,un bellissimo gatto persiano chinchilla silver shaded.

Cat Checkup | Because Your Cat Needs You
Cat Checkup hopes to provide insightful info about cats and their behavior so you can be a better owner and your cat a happier, more fulfilled pet.

KittyWire is a leading resource for all things related to cats.
Your #1 cat advice and guides source

Meow Mews Luxury Cattery in Ayrshire
Meow Mews offer luxury living for your cat. We have individual log cabins, special pamper treatments and an A La Carte menu.

Tortoiseshell Cats
Information about tortoiseshell cats and kittens including coat genetics, folkore, and how to care for your cat.

Ragdoll Cats World
Ragdoll Cats World is the ultimate guide to the Ragdoll cat breed. Whether you're just starting out on your cat-adventures or you're a seasoned cat lover, this site is for you.

Life with Catman
Life with Catman is a website for all cat lovers and pet enthusiasts. We write blog articles about cats, interesting facts about different cat breeds, cat health, behavior, or diet. This is an open group for all cat lovers and animal lovers!

Trinity Lodge Bengal Breeders
We are a small but professional TICA-registered who are based in the UK, Yorkshire. We provide a very personal approach to our Breeding Program which in turn provides amazing Bengal Kittens.

We only produce the very best bloodlines for sale. This is a testament to the unique patterns and Colours of our furry friends that we bring into people’s life.

We are Hobbyist BreedersTica Registered Bengal Cat Breeders. We are committed to providing pets with the best forever homes. We provide some of the best rosetted Bengal kittens in Yorkshire and also Foster/Adopt Unwanted Cats.

Caring for stray cats in the Oberlin, OH community.