Dr. Fox Magazine
Your #1 learning resource for all the pets you can imagine.

Pet And Baby Gates
In need of a way to protect your best friend from certain dangerous areas that he's just not allowed to roam about, a pet gate is what you need! And we can help you find the perfect one!

Exotic Animals For Sale
Welcome to the world of exotic and rare pets. We offer some of the rarest domestic pets available on the market. Worldwide Shipping available.
Hutch and Cage is an informational site about animals that live in a hutch or cage, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, pet mice, and hamsters.
A new online magazine about all kind of pets. Find the perfect pet for you, learn everything about pet nutrition and pet health.

My Pet Needs That
My Pet Needs That is a leading resource for pet product reviews and buying guides that you can trust.

Petazi - A Pet Lover's Blog
You can find everything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy right here on our site - PETAZI.
We blog about everything related to dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and fish.

Pet Training Tips
You can get perfect tips on how to train a puppy and how to train a cat from here. To get the best cat and puppy training tips, stay with us!

The Pet God
Find information on pet training and behavior, dog grooming, food and nutrition, reviews, and more.

Funny Pets Videos - Now With Hedgehogs
Much more then funny pets, cats and dogs we bought a zoo. Searching for lol animal videos look no further, want daffy ducks chunky monkeys, raccoons, we have them all come see and laugh out loud.

Pet Forum - ClubFauna
ClubFauna is a social network for pet owners. We have forums, clssifieds, and care articles for all types of animal species including dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, bunnies, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.

Pet Village
World's friendliest community for pet lovers and their pets.

Pet Video Verify
Pet Video Verify uses video identification system for lost and found pets, you can also keep track of your pets medical records, and sell your pet items.

Pet Forums
Online community for pet owners.
Petgigs is an interactive website where you'll find different pet resources such as pet caring advice, petsitters, hotels where pets are allowed, shelters, and much more.

Small Puppy
Our Pet - Small Friend. Learn more about it.

Keeping Exotic Pets
Information and advice on keeping a wide range of exotic pets including reptiles and invertebrates.

Critters N Stuff
A personal site about four cats, two dogs, a bird, and more!

Lux Pets
Lux Pets is a premier pet sitting & luxury pet service provider. We offer luxury pet products, information about new and interesting products in the luxury pet market, useful articles for pet owners and useful resources and links about the most up-to-date information and products in the pet industry. In addition, we are South Florida's #1 luxury pet sitting service for Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and surrounding areas. Our pet sittng services include pet taxi, dog walking, cat sitting, small critter care, 24 hour care, pet massage, fish care, etc.

Your Pet Clip
Watch Tropical Fish videos and Salt Water Fish Videos. Share your favorite pet fish videos or start up your own video group! Interact with other users with similar interest.

Pet Care Sunday
At Pet Care Sunday we discuss everything about pet care, pet foods, pet product reviews, tips, and advice.

Build Great Farms
Tips about livestock, landscape, home gardening, and pet care.

Pet Radio Magazine
Blog and weekly podcast.

Pet care tips and pet supplies review website.

Pet Gear Lab - Pet Products, Reviews, Caring for your pet
We're trying to give our readers a place where they can enjoy the latest happenings in the pet world. Pet gear lab has current information, either you want to find the right food for your pet or to train them.
A brand-new way helping lost pets to get back to their family. If you found or lost a pet report it on our website. We can help you to Find Your Lost Pet Notify Thousands Nearby? within a Minute. Here is some list of things we offer and provide services to find your lost pet:

  • - Create Free Lost Pet Flyer and hang it nearby
  • - Search Lost & Found Dogs |
  • - #1 Lost & Found Dogs Database - Add your dog? or cats or other pets quickly
  • - Promote your post Boost Recovery Chances by reaching nearest people in your area
  • - 1000s Pet Lovers in Our Alert Network. Put Out a Free Alert!
  • - Over 500 Lost & Found Pets Are Added to Our Database Every Day
  • - Read our blog for lost and found pet related tips and more

Pet Life World
A great first step is to turn to a dedicated pet-lovers site full of helpful guides and product reviews. That is where Pet Life World is here to help.

PetStruggles is a trusted online resource where people can find in depth and well researched articles on all aspects of pet care, health and training!

Pet Animals Ezone is a blog for pet lovers. If you have a pet you must care about pets and you will also love this blog.

Pet Dedicated
A site to share your beloved pets/friends with others, view funny images, read stories and browse pet care products.

WhyDoPets is a website about pets in general. We cover everything from why your pet sneeze to the top food to feed your pitbull. Furthermore we have attached top-educated VETs to help out with our articles.

True Pet Story
Pet information & product reviews for your pet.

Rodents Road
Rodents Road is an informational website about pet rodents like gerbils, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets.