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Practical and Accurate Goldfish Information from Pure Goldfish
Pure Goldfish is dedicated to advancing awareness of the needs of goldfish as pets. We cover all topics as it relates to keeping these beautiful creatures, including care requirements, compatible other species, feeding guidelines and much more. Knowledge is power! Pure Goldfish makes it easy to do your homework when it comes to any kind of issue or question you may have about your "water puppy."

Fish Tank World commitment is to spread knowledge about fish keeping and help aquarist hobbyists with easy, actionable information to help them take better care of their fishes. The site contains info on setting up and keeping your aquarium, fish and plants, fish tanks and the equipment necessary to run your aquarium.

About Fish Online Tropical Fish
An excellent saltwater and tropical fish website that covers saltwater fish, freshwater fish, invertebrates, fish health and disease treatment, and aquarium maintenance.

Aquarium Directory
An aquarium and tropical fish directory. Find a variety of aquarium and fish sites - from general aquaria to discussion forums to fish and aquariums for sale at

FishTankSetups provides those in the fishkeeper hobby reviews and information on the best aquarium lighting, substrate, filters, and other fish tank related topics.

Tropical Fish
Hobbyist community for freshwater and saltwater tropical fish tank keepers, step-by-step tutorials, articles, and forum.

Aquarium Cleaning Elkhart, IN
We are a professional aquarium management and service providing firm based in Elkhart, IN.

Pond Supplies
Since 1991, C.D. Aquatics have provided high quality aquatic equipment. Trust us with pond supplies, garden supplies, aquarium supplies and more. We can assist the family pet today.

The Aquarium Adviser
A blog for aquarium fish and plants.

Best Small Fish Tanks
Guides and reviews for running small tropical fish and shrimp tanks.

Fancy Goldfish has the information you need to care for all types and sizes of fancy goldfish.

Aquarium Adviser
Looking for a fish tank and types of equipment: Fish tank filter and led aquarium lighting for reef tanks with more reviews to help you succeed with your project.

Swallow Aquatics
Swallow Aquatics stocks one of the largest ranges of aquatics supplies in the UK, so whatever your fish or aquascape requires, you can be sure to find it online or in store.
A tropical and saltwater fish online store. They offer a variety of freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish as well as lots of information of interest to aquarists. I've ordered fish from them myself. The fish were packed well, were healthy, and arrived on time.

All Tropical Fish
Provides information on saltwater fishkeeping, corals, invertebrates and freshwater fish. article upload, aquarium link exchange plus shop with 50K products for all your pet needs.

Aquatic Magazine
AquaticMag is your freshwater & planted tank aquarium website. We provide you with the all your needs; from aquascaping to wiki's and everything else under the water.

Nano Reef Forum
Nano Reef Forum is a place where nano reef keepers can share pictures, knowledge, and experience with one another.

Saltwater Fish
Aquatic Connection Live is your exciting online saltwater fish store for exotic saltwater fish, rare live corals and all the saltwater invertebrates you could wish for your home reef aquarium. You will find that our variety and selection is the largest on the Web.

Badman's Tropical Fish
One of the oldest freshwater aquarium sites on the Web. Overall, an excellent tropical fish site.

Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food
Almost Natural Tropical Fish Foods are offered by a true-blue tropical fish hobbyist for the other tropical fish hobbyists who would rather go the extra mile and feed their fish a top quality tropical fish food rather then lesser quality fish flakes.

WhichFishTank.Com - Your Fish Aquarium Buying Guide
Which Fish offers impartial advice and knowledge for anyone who is buying their first marine or freshwater fish tank /aquarium. To keep a thriving and healthy aquarium depends on the amount of time you research all the different aspects of fish keeping.This includes setting up a fish aquarium right first time and more importantly which fish tank will be best for your needs.

Aquarium Plumbing UK
We specialise in UPVC aquarium plumbing and fittings. All of our aquarium plumbing is fish and invert safe and can be used in fresh or salt water systems.

Love Fish Tank
A website for aquarium starters who want to keep fish as pets.

Aquatics World
Fish Tank Reviews and Guides For Cold and Tropical Aquariums - Aqua One - Biorb - Fluval - Filters - Pumps - Accessories.

Aquarium Mayhem
We are a freshwater aquarium forum for beginners, so if you just set up an aquarium or are just in the planning stages, this is the forum for you. Experienced members needed.

Tropical Fish Information
Designed for beginners, we have how-to guides, FAQs, articles, fish profiles, forums and more!

The First Tank Guide
The First Tank Guide provides information based on over twenty years of experience to help beginning aquarists set up and properly maintain their aquariums. Also provides useful links and resources for the aquarium hobbyist.

Wet Web Media
An online resource for saltwater and freshwater aquarists. Has a forum, and includes the online magazine The Conscientious Aquarist.

Fish Link Central
One of the oldest and largest aquarium and fish directories online.

Aquarium Maintenance
Reef Playground is your premier aquarium service, installation, relocation, and design company servicing the Los Angeles area. We sell, lease, and maintain all types of saltwater and freshwater systems. is also your destination for aquarium related supplies and livestock.

Buy Aquarium Tanks
Complete Aquatics offers a fantastic selection of marine, tropical, cold Water & pond fish. We also have many accessories & equipment from all major brands, such as Tetra, Rena, Interpet, and more.

For the Love of Angel Fish
Articles and videos related to angelfish and discus.

How to Take Care of a Goldfish
The complete pet goldfish guide for every novice; learn how to take care of a goldfish and goldfish accessories in a goldfish tank, bowl, or pond.

Custom Fish Tanks
Acrylic custom aquariums. Also specialize in display cases and POP displays. Serving the Hamilton and Toronto area.

AquaLiners Direct
AquaLiners Direct, based in Wiltshire is a leading provider for pond liners. From a small decorative pond to a larger pond including water features, browse through our product range online and order today.

ISW is Indonesia's Aquaculture leading supplier established in the 1980s, our primary focus are producing and exporting Fish Farm and Water Treatment products. - Aquarium 2.0
Users show their tanks online. Thousands of beautiful tanks shown on A German website with a translation by Google. Have a great time watching aquariums from all over the world.

Betta Fish Center
Betta Fish Center is an educational betta fish care resource for betta owners looking for information on how to keep their fish happy and healthy. The site includes free articles, videos, user-submitted gallery images and a betta forum where members can interact and ask questions.

Aqualist Topsites
Listing the best aquatic sites in the hobby

Goldfish Care
Knowing how to properly care for your goldfish is important if you want to have your goldie for a long time. Here is all the info you need.

Direct Tropical Fish
Aquatic Web site for the fish keeping community. We offer forums, clubs to advertise free of charge, as well as sell quality products at discounted prices.

Aquarium Plants
Aquarium plants and pond plants store

Blog About Aquarium Fish and Plants
Blog about aquarium plants, pond plants and aquarium fish, especially goldfish.
Learn everything you need to know to set up your first freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

ARstone produces high quality 3D aquarium backgrounds, rocks, and terrarium decorations. You can also find nicely decorated aquarium photos with our products.

Tropical Fish Online Blog
Tropical fish online blog is dedicated to giving you all the information you need to have a beautiful freshwater or marine (saltwater) tropical fish tank if you are a complete beginner or an expert aquarium keeper. You will know all about breeding, keeping, selecting compatible kinds, plants and other tropical species.

Pet Fish Directory
An aquarium website directory of the best aquarium and tropical fish sites.

Sagar Aquarium Tanks
Sagar Fish aquarium specialize in developing designers aquaria as per the demand and requirement of our clients and believe in developing a biologically balanced aquatic ecosystem and not simply a glass tank to house your fish.
Fish keeping tips and important advice all beginners need to know!

Aquarium Plumbing Products
All of our aquarium and pond plumbing is fish and invert safe and can be used in fresh or salt water systems.

LED for planted aquarium
Aquarium LED lighting guide - best LED lights for planted tanks and the guide for choosing. - All About Aquariums
All about aquariums, filters, heaters and freshwater fish.

Aquarium Source
Aquarium Source is a resource where aquarists can find valuable information to help them build thriving aquatic ecosystems.

A detailed online resource for all freshwater aquarium fish shrimp and snails. Featuring care guides and breeding information about each species.