A site all about chinchillas with chinchilla information and chinchilla breeder reviews.

Meadowbrook Chinchillas
Specializes in breeding gentle temperament, high quality color mutation chinchillas. This site also has many photos of chinchillas as well as a lot of quality care information and articles with photos on how to sex your chinchilla and other topics. The owners of this site are the inventors of the Flying Saucer Steel Wheel.

Chinchilla Chronicles
Official website of published author Mirella Poli. Offers excellent books that are the most up-to-date on the current market. Hardback books are personally signed on request and Mirella Poli's new eBook The Chinchilla A-Z Health & Sickness Bible is a "must-have" for all chinchilla owners and potential owners. The ebook lists over 100 illnesses a chinchilla can acquire, together with the symptoms, prevention, cure, and photographs.

Cheeky Chinchillas
Information on all aspects of caring for pet chinchillas, including the general care of your chinchilla, feeding, health, photos, videos, sounds that chinchillas make, and much more.

Chinchilla Rescue
A non-profit chinchilla rescue organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area of CA.