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Pet Mice Blog
PetMiceBlog is an ongoing site dedicated to providing all the latest information regarding keeping mice as pets. We cover all the best food, housing and care options for mice owners. Questions and comments are welcome and will be responded to.

NE Mice
Welcome to NE Mice, a small mousery located in Conway, AR. We are currently a small hobby operation, but have hopes of expanding and becoming one of the leading fancy mouse breeders in the area. Our mice are chosen for their unique colors and patterns, and we hope to provide the public with fancy mice that they are proud to show off!

Mice As Pets
Information on caring for your pet mouse from

Pet Rat Information Sheet
Information on caring for pet rats, including feeding, grooming, health problems, breeding, handling, behavior, and more.

My Pet
Information about pet rats, pet rat accessories, food, cages, toys, and even gifts for people who love rats. There are also lots of very cute rat photos and a question and answer section.

American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association
A non-profit international Rat & Mouse club for show and pets.

Fancy Mice
Find out all kinds of information about keeping and breeding fancy mice - genetics, housing, socialization, feeding, health, and much more.

London and Southern Counties Mouse and Rat Club
The LSCMRC is a club for owners, breeders and exhibitors of fancy mice and rats.
Rat assistance and teaching society - a Web site that educates people about pet rats and teaches animal care professionals the proper care of rats.

Fancy Mice Breeders
Fancy mice breeders forum, a wealth of information as well as some of the best fancy mice breeders in the world.

A Guide to Caring for Your Pet Mice
Complete guide for taking care of your pet mice.

Crittery - Exotic and Common Rodents
Information on exotic rodents such as African Pygmy Mice, African Pygmy Dormice, Harvest Mice, Steppe Lemmings and Zebra mice as well as more common rodents such as Mongolian Gerbils and Fancy mice. Breeder of African Pygmy Dormice and contains the UK rodent rescue map.

Ravencharm Rattery
Breeder of pedigreed rats located in Reno, Nevada. Breeding for superior health, outstanding temperament, improved longevity and ideal conformation.

Forever Loved Rats Rattery
I am a small rattery breeding well tempered and loving pet rats. I breed for multiple colors and fur variations but mostly do rex, velveteen, and standard. All babys have been held since birth and are continually held daily. I also have adoptable rescues available. We are located 45 min from the Tri-Cities and Yakima, WA.

SITH Rattery
Located near Vancouver BC Canada, we specialize in black eyed Siamese, burmese, dwarf, dalmatians and European roans, in a wide variety of colors, with health and temperament always our top priority.

Windy Hill Rattery
Small Missouri rattery with a focus on hairless and dumbo.