Northern Hamster Club
The Northern Hamster Club is interested in promoting the welfare and responsible breeding of all species of hamsters in the North of England. This site has lots of info on the different types of hamsters and their care.

Hamster Land
Provides information on caring and feeding hamsters, breeding, and how to treat hamster illnesses. This site also has hamster photos, a forum where you may ask and get answers to your questions, and more.

Care of Pet Hamsters
Information on caring for your pet hamster from About.com.

Hamster Club
The Hamster Club has information about many different hamster species, info about buying hamsters, their ideal housing, feeding, behavior, breeding, health, videos, and photos.

Pet Hamster Care
Pet hamster care, information, facts & pictures.

Midland Hamster Club UK
An organization with monthly hamster shows for both Syrian and Dwarf hamsters which are held in and around the Midlands in the UK. Their site has hamster care information, photos of different hamster types, and information on each type of hamster.