Wildlife & Nature

Defenders of Wildlife
The mission of Defenders of Wildlife is to protect species and the habitats upon which they depend.

Desert Animals and Wildlife
Information about the animals of the North American deserts, how animals adapt to desert environments, animal photos, videos, and more.

Nature Top 100
International rankings of sites related to fauna and flora.

Roaring Earth
We go places others are afraid to go and film undiscovered stories that give viewers access to nature as it really is - merciless, ferocious, untamed AND above all, wild. Our investigative and compelling programs unlock all the aspects of nature that make it a captivating source of mystery and fascination for our human world.

Our Endangered World
Our Endangered World is the online platform to visit for information about endangered animals and the work done to protect them by conservation organisations.

Polar Bear Facts
Free information & research on the polar bear, facts about these endangered animals, their life in the North pole, and arctic circle and food sources they hunt and scavenge for. Polar bear gifts aplenty too.

The Last of the Polar Bears - an online comic
The Last of the Polar Bears is an online comic about a mother polar bear and her two cubs as they struggle to survive in the warming Arctic of the near future.

The 'Possum Pages
Information and photos about the North American opossum. There is a nice video on the home page that has a lot of information in it, shows pictures of baby opossums, and may make you change your mind about these animals (if you didn't like them before).

Skunk Haven
Information on wild skunks, pet skunks, rescue and adoption, diet, care, and common health problems in skunks.

It is a forum for wildlife lovers.