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Reptile & Amphibian Directory
A Web directory for the best reptile and amphibian sites. Find reptile supplies, reptile and amphibian breeders, care information, and more!

Chameleon Supplies
Chameleon supply store with cages, supplements, and decorations.

Bearded Dragon Guide
Has articles and information about caring for both adult and baby bearded dragons. Includes information about feeding, general care, breeders, and their habitat.

All Turtles
Has many resources about pet turtle care, sea turtles, and other turtle species. They also have articles about turtles, a turtle gift shop, and more.

Terrarium Quest
Terrarium Quest is providing guide on how to setup vivariums and terrariums. We also provide helpful care sheets about pet reptiles and amphibians such as leopard geckos, bearded dragons, ball pythons, poison dart frog...
The goal of this site is to educate people on how to properly care for their reptiles. We also have lots of photos and information on many reptile species.

Tricia's Chinese Water Dragon, Reptile & Amphibian Care Page
Information about the care, behavior, breeding, health, and habitat of Chinese water dragons and has care sheets on many other reptile and amphibian species.
Online reptile shop. Terrariums and reptile accesories.

Rainforest Station
Rainforest Station, in Grand Rapids, Michigan specializes in providing the best quality, captive-bred, terrarium-friendly exotic amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates, and all the supplies to create naturalistic vivariums (terrariums) in which they can feel at home. We offer custom-designed terrariums to fit any environment from a cozy living room to a large corporate headquarters.

The Reptilarium
Reptile & fish shop serving Bournemouth, Dorset and the rest of the UK. We have a huge selection of snakes, lizards, amphibians, turtles and fish. New and second hand tanks/vivs are always available.

Lizard-Landscapes is a helpful guide about lizards, their care, and the art of creating fake rock wall landscapes.

Alpha Pro Breeders
Alpha Pro Breeders: breeders of exotic frogs, including dart frogs and tree frogs. Freshwater shrimp including crystal red shrimp, crystal black shrimp, super tiger shrimp, yellow shrimp, and orange eye blue tiger shrimp. We also breed freshwater fish and plecos.

A website for bearded dragon lovers.

Apartment Living and Reptiles
A blog dedicated to the captive care of reptiles, amphibians, and insects.

The Reptilarium
Reptile, amphibian and fish retailer based in Bournemouth, Dorset and serving the entire UK with dedicated courier deliveries.

German reptile site about turtle breeding and much more.

Pets Crafts Supplies
Pets Crafts is a manufacturer and exporter of quality reptile supplies. We supply quality products with the best price and service for all your professional business needs.

Pets Crafts is a manufacturer and exporter of quality reptile supplies. We supply quality products with the best price and service for all your professional business needs.

Reptiles Forum
Spanish reptile forum that offers many active members, lots of nice reptile photos, as well as care and information sheets for many reptile species.

Bearded Dragons
Bearded dragon care sheet and information on pet lizard bearded dragons cage habitat, tank setup, food feeding, health, breeding, bearded dragon pet care tips.

Snake Cages
Snake cages blog show cages instructions, photos for snake cages, and reptile cages for sale.

ReptiFiles is a database of reptile care guides, informative articles, and product reviews. Our tagline is, "Where better reptile care begins!" because we are dedicated to improving the standard of reptile husbandry in the US and around the world.