Animal Organizations and Clubs

American Tarantula and Animals
A nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering education about tarantulas and other arachnid species.

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC)
PIJAC promotes responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, fosters environmental stewardship, and ensures the availability of pets. It is a nonprofit, service-oriented organization comprised of members who care about pets and the pet industry. Has information on the latest pet issues.

American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association
A non-profit international Rat & Mouse club for show and pets.

London and Southern Counties Mouse and Rat Club
The LSCMRC is a club for owners, breeders and exhibitors of fancy mice and rats.

Animals Australia
An organization promoting the welfare of all animals that hopes to end animal suffering worldwide. Learn more about how you can prevent animal cruelty by visiting our site.

British Cockapoo Society
We are an independent members club, focussed on Cockapoos but also accepting as members owners of Hearing Dogs. We are not affiliated to any breeders and so are able to offer impartial and unbiased advice to people looking for information about Cockapoos. We provide information on our website from how to find a good breeder, health testing right through to adult Cockapoo care and training. We are also proud to be fundraisers for hearing Dogs for Deaf People.