Bird Directory
A Web directory for bird sites. We have many excellent bird sites. You'll find information on pet birds, wild birds, birding vacations, birding resources, and more.

Bird Feeders & Bird Watching
Bird Feeders reviews and bird watching tips. All about backyard birds.

Two Little Finches
A new websites all about finches - caring for your finches, finch species information, and more.

Really Wild Bird Food
British bird food Shop in Hampshire UK supplies wild bird food, wild bird seed, garden bird food and garden bird seed for your birds. Along with bird special offers, bird seed and bird food we stock includes sunflower hearts, sunflower seeds, mealworms, suet balls, suet pellets, fat balls for birds, seed mixes, niger seeds, premium peanuts, live foods. Also we supply bird feeders and bird feeding accessories like bird seed feeders, bird table, bird water bath, squirrel proof, squirrel resistant, nest box for birds.

Bird Feeders
We are Perky Pet®, Birdscapes®, Garden Song®, and Avant Garden® - four strong brands recognized as world leaders in the wild bird feeding category! Woodstream Corp is a long-standing, privately-held company and a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality-branded rodent control products, caring control products for pets and wildlife, natural solutions for lawns and gardens, wild bird feeding products and outdoor living decor.

Dr. Jungle Animal World - Birds
Dr. Jungle's bird page has photos and care descriptions for over 60 different kinds of pet birds. This site also has current news videos involving birds as well as information on many different types of pets.

Long Tail & Long Crowing Fowl Discussion Forums
Rare Poultry forum focussing on the preservation of long-tail and long-crowing fowl.

BirdsNow is an online classified site containing birds for sale.
Fake Bird Eggs - Stop egg laying, bird breeding and prevent stress on your bird's health and yours. Replace nest eggs with solid plastic non-toxic fake bird eggs.

Bird Feeder Pole
100% guaranteed bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, wild bird seed and foods ... discounts on specials, clearance and overstocks bird houses, garden decor, hummingbird feeders, and squirrel proof bird feeders.

Only HQ Bird Cages
All kinds of HQ Bird Cages, HQ bird stands - by My Bird

Birds Been Framed Topsites
We have bird sites to visit, and you can add your bird site.

Bird Crazy Forums
Information for bird owners, including breeding, pictures, bird health, classifieds, and games. Covers both pet and wild birds.

Bird Forum
An active birding forum dedicated to wild birds.

Selezione Canarini Salbos
Site addressed to all lovers of stock of canaries with useful fact sheets. Also has information on genetics, breeding, supplying nidiacei and adults, advance cove, sessaggio, dressing, and on various aritoli. Interesting section devoted to the calculation of automated Punnett square and the database on diseases. Finally, in addition to the usual guest book, is a place where visitors enter comments, thoughts, opinions, or advice. Site is in Italian, but has a translation feature by Google so it may be viewed in English and other languages.

Beautiful Birds
Beautiful Birds: Everything you need to know about the world's beautiful birds, including where they're found, what they eat, and what makes them unique.