Butterflies & Other Insects
An excellent site on butterflies, moths, and other insects. Butterly and insect news clips, articles include how to attract butterflies and moths to your yard, species profiles with photos, host plant information for larvae, and more.

Wonderful World of Insects
This site has an abundance of insect information.

What's That Bug
Insect identification help.

Orkin Pest Control
Get your free estimate on Orkin Pest Control Services.

antARK is a free to use, easy reading, educational ant site. It teaches the all sorts of information about ants, from life cycles, family members, species diversity, eco systems, ant farms and much more. Learning about ants has never been so interesting by using videos, ant facts and images to help the easily distracted.

Homepage of Torsten van der Heyden
A site about butterflies and other insects and biodiversity in general with a lot of excellent photos.

Scorpus Park
Hello, we specialize in breeding and extension of scorpions, tarantulas, amblypyges, uropyges, camel spiders, mantises and other arthropods. Food, habitats, ect.