Dog Love For All The Family

by Lucy King

8 puppies

The addition of a dog to the family, complete with wagging tail, brings so much happiness and strengthens family bonds. The recent APPA 2017-2018 National Pet Owners survey showed 48% of the U.S. population were dog owners and there was a consistent upward trend in ownership. Dogs love their family unconditionally; furthermore, this and many other aspects of dog ownership are shown to benefit children considerably. For instance, many children would choose their dog as someone to confide in, regarding a problem. In addition, the dog routine and exercise schedule has been found to benefit children as they are more active than children from homes without a dog. What is more, active children (and adults) have been found to have better mental health.

Subsequently, a canine family member providing so many health benefits often requires various accessories to ensure they are fully equipped to live alongside their human family. They might require travel equipment for journeys with their owner, and a collar for outings is a must and, beside nutritious and healthy food. The best dog products are essential for this VIP who holds the family together. Needless to say, human family members enjoy a sense of fulfilment, which leads to a happier mindset, when providing for their much loved canine pet.

Dogs are the key to a family's psychological wellbeing

Dogs affect the psychological wellbeing of their human family in so many amazing and positive ways. Whether adult or child, male or female the benefits of owning your own furry friend are unquestionable. Firstly dog ownership brings with it the need a routine, this is an obvious need for the dog, but there is a wonderful knock-on effect for humans as routine improves human mental health immensely. Routines, and therefore dog ownership, promotes mental health and wellbeing by promoting a more structured lifestyle.

The bonding hormone - oxytocin

Cuddling and stroking the much loved family member triggers the production of the love and bonding hormone, oxytocin, in the dog owner whether man, woman or child. Oxytocin reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol and this is vital in the mental health benefits provided to human family members, as a reduction in anxiety and any associated conditions is seen.

Forget all the medications for depression and anxiety, just choose the healthy, happy option. Who would have thought that your furry, four-legged friend can do benefit your physical and emotional health in such enormous ways.