Important Ways to Make Sure Your Pet Stays Healthy

cat playing with ball of yarn

The vast majority of pet owners would surely agree that their animals are precious to them, so it is important to make an effort to ensure that your pets remain happy and healthy. There are a number of specific steps you can take in order to safeguard the health of your animals and ensure that any illnesses or injuries they develop, whether minor or serious, receive prompt attention and treatment.

Parasite Treatments

Treating parasites such as fleas, ticks and worms as and when they appear can help keep the problem from getting out of hand, but it can still be a pain. It's true that prevention is better than cure, and it is possible to use monthly treatments that can prevent parasites from infesting your pet in the first place.

Healthy Diet

Many of the UK's dogs and cats are obese. It is natural for owners to want to treat their pets and make them happy, but too much food or a poor diet can harm their health or shorten their lifespan. Make sure you give correct portion sizes for meals and choose healthy, good-quality pet foods. Use treats sparingly. As dogs, unlike cats, tend to devour anything edible they can find, you can use fruits and vegetables to give them tasty but healthy treats.


Vaccinations prevent disease and even death in pets. Before vaccination, whole communities of animals could be virtually wiped out by a single disease outbreak. Make sure you keep up to date on vaccinating your pet against key diseases. It is possible to have blood tests to check their immunity before administering booster vaccines if you would prefer. With a wide variety of vaccinations and medicines for pets available, always make sure you consult your local vet to make sure you pet gets the correct vaccination.

Teeth and Gums

Like humans, pets benefit from good dentistry. It is a good idea to observe some kind of dental hygiene regime with your pet using any of the various products available. If you brush your pets teeth, do not use human toothpaste. Choose one that has been formulated for pets and made in a flavour they will enjoy. Make time to have your pet's teeth checked regularly by a vet with expertise in dental care if in doubt, or if you have not observed any dental care practices so far and would like things checked.

Annual Check-ups

However careful an owner is, sometimes nothing can be done to keep a pet from catching a disease or injuring itself. Sometimes the signs of this can be hard to spot until it is too late. A regular, yearly check-up will ensure your pet remains in good health and increase the chances that any problem will be spotted early for effective treatment. Urinalysis, in particular, is cheap, easy and non-invasive but can help identify a whole host of problems.

Medical Insurance

Medical care for a pet can sadly prove expensive, especially if some serious condition develops. Nobody wants to see their pet suffer, especially if treatment is available but beyond their means. Medical insurance can be a useful safety net, helping you to make sure that you will be able to give your pet important medical treatment without worrying about the cost.