Only You Can Improve Your Horse's Life

white horse running through field

Owning any type of animal is a responsibility and a privilege. Unlike more common domestic pets such as cats and dogs though, horse ownership carries with it an ever greater commitment. Your horse's diet, environment and relationship with you all contribute so heavily to its psychological and physical wellbeing. Therefore it is essential that you ensure each of these needs are met. With a more thoughtful approach, you will see your horse's health and general attitude improve greatly.

Diet and Nutrition

Correct and balanced nutrition is a vital aspect of good horse care, largely due to the very delicate nature of the equine digestive system. Unlike humans, horses cannot regurgitate their food. Therefore if they eat something poisonous or are fed something that differs considerably from their usual diet, they may develop severe gastrointestinal conditions, which are often fatal. Because of this, a balanced diet is essential. You should also look into any specific dietary requirements that your horse may have. Some are intolerant to the ingredients in certain types of feed, and as a conscientious, responsible owner you must be aware of this.


Horses are highly social animals, who understand their place within the social structure of a herd. Therefore, you would never leave a horse in isolation. Horses also require large amounts of exercise to stay healthy, so it is essential that you make sure they are outside in a paddock for as long as possible, rather than being resigned to long periods in their stable. Obviously, they will spend more time indoors during the winter, but see that they are kept in a clean, warm and ventilated stable. In time, old and poorly-kept stables can become hazardous environments for horses, in which case you'll need to consider replacing it. Broadfield Stables would probably be your first port of call in this instance.

Be a Good Owner

These measures don't take a tremendous amount of effort or time. But the effect they have on the overall wellbeing of your animal is considerable. Naturally these are just a couple of examples of ways to improve your horse's wellbeing. But with further enquiry through horsemanship experts, as well as a dedicated application of these basic principals, you will see that your horse attains a quality of life that it previously did not have.