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Getting Through the First Week With a New Pet

Getting your first pet is an exciting experience, but it’s one that requires lots of preparation and even more work. Being a responsible pet owner means that you put your pet’s needs first and do more than just simply provide food, shelter, and water. When you’re looking to get your first dog or cat, you’ll need all the help you can get, and today’s tip can put you on track.

Find Helpful Resources

The first step to take even before adopting a new pet is to find the right places to get information. Best Animal Sites has put these together for you. Whether you are looking for info on a kitty companion or how to care for a canine, you’ll find it here.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Something else to consider early on is your lifestyle. Remember, different pets have different needs, space requirements, energy levels, and even interaction styles. Think about how much time you have available. All animals need exercise, companionship, and grooming. You also need to make sure that the breed (and even the specific animal you want) are compatible with the members of your household, especially if you have small children.

Be Prepared for Messes

Animals are messy, and they’ll leave everything from slobber and hair to dirt and poop everywhere. It’s not pretty, but the love they offer more than compensates for the “ewe” factor. Even in the midst of all the puppy snuggles or cat caresses, you still have to keep your home clean. If you plan to have your animal in the bed with you, spend some time looking for cotton duvet covers that you can wash quickly and easily if messes happen on the bed.

Create a Comfortable Environment for your Pet

Your animal's well-being depends upon how safe and comfortable they feel in their new home. Spend time shopping for the right type of bed/crate, food and water bowls, and other accessories, such as a litter box for scratching posts. You also want to pet proof your home, which begins with eliminating toxic plants and chemicals. That means ditching the daffodils and trashing the tulips if you have cats; the American Kennel Club also lists these and other flowers and bulbs that can harm a dog.

Establish a Routine that Works for Both of You

Animals are adaptable, but they thrive on routine. Keep a consistent daily schedule, which should include rest, play, exercise, and feeding. This is an area where it also comes in handy to know about your breed so that you can determine how often they’ll need to stretch their legs before they get restless and destructive.

Make an Appointment with your Veterinarian

If you have yet to choose a veterinarian, now’s the time to get on top of this task. Routine veterinary care is crucial to your new family member’s health. Just as you take your child in for yearly checkups, your dog will need preventative care also. Further, dogs and cats alike need vaccinations, grooming, and treatment for fleas, ticks, heartworms, and more. Best Animal Site’s resources can help you find out more information about dogs so that you can choose a vet that matches their needs.

Picking and caring for a new companion is a big responsibility. It requires lots of foresight and self-reflection before you jump into the process. But once you do, you also have to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Today’s tips can make it a bit easier, especially those first few weeks. From simple steps, such as throwing a duvet cover on your bed to larger tasks, like choosing a veterinarian, your pet’s well-being and your sanity all depend on how you manage your time together in these first few crucial weeks.